ULIM opens the door to renowned universities from the EU

Today, we share the experience of Tatiana Corja, our fresh graduate from the Faculty of Letters (English-Spanish), who was for a semester at the University of Alicante, one of the 17 partner universities within the "ERASMUS" (http: / /emp-aim.mruni.eu/partner_universities/) program. The young woman received a scholarship to study in the destination she dreamt about from her childhood.

"I decided to apply to Erasmus Mundus last year. I wanted to get a scholarship namely in Spain. Since high school, I had a definite purpose, to learn the Spanish perfectly and to reach the land of Cervantes. I adore Spanish since childhood learning it from TV series. Therefore, from the start I decided to become a student at ULIM, the institution which offers the possibility of obtaining such a scholarship" Tatiana Corja says.

ERASMUS shapes you as a personality

She applied for the scholarship, chose to leave for a semester at a university in Spain in order to deepen her Spanish, but English also. "Initially, I found it difficult to fit into the Spanish society, I being introverted by nature, but my efforts to succeed, were successful. Spaniards are very open and helped me to overcome my shyness. Their education system is more demanding than ours and Spanish students work daily, being guided by their teachers. I was encouraged, when I met young people from many countries through the same program. We have progressed together. I proved to myself that I can succeed" Tatiana Corja says.

"An Erasmus grant is self-examination, your chance to find out the level of preparedness for European academia. ERASMUS shapes you as a personality. It was also difficult and easy, and interesting, and fun. With "ERASMUS", you can merge them all and enjoying the fruits of labor and your dreams. When back home, you know what changes you want to do in the country. I would recommend Moldova borrow at least a bit of Spanish educational system" Tatiana Corja states. To learn about other success stories of our young scholars in renowned universities in the EU, visit the link: http://cci.ulim.md/istorii-de-succes-erasmus/. ERASMUS means the European integration of young people. Details here: http://emp-aim.mruni.eu/project/

Since the launch of the Erasmus  to the same destination, teachers of ULIM Ludmila Coada from the Department of International Relations, Political Science and History and Vitalie Budeci, senior lecturer at the Faculty of Law were delegated. We note also that in the 2014-2015 academic year, ULIM hosted a PhD student from Spain, Teresa Pozo Rico.


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