ULIM professors, trained by German experts for an international network of mediators in the resolution of conflicts

Mrs. Svetlana Haraz, Head of the Department of Social Work and Sociology Nicolae Sali, recently, benefited from training under an international training project and expansion of the network of mediators Mediation with Groups and Building Mediation Bureaus East-West Dialogue-201, which took place of Hamburg University and coordinated by Professor Dr. Alexander Redlich, with the financial support of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).
ULIM professor attended a workshop, held in Odessa, with the participation of mediators from Russia, Ukraine and Republic of Moldova (including Transnistria).  Mediation is the intervention form through which it promotes reconciliation, negotiation of a compromise between hostile attitudes, by involving a third neutral party.  The aim of the project is the formation of specialists, who will open the mediation centres in all the countries involved.

Marketing and Communication Service, ULIM