ULIM provides prospective to an overseas academic environment

Elena Ceban-Homenco, a graduate of the Law Faculty of ULIM, currently working at Digore law firm in Chisinau, as a lawyer and completes her master degree. In the last academic year, the student won a one-semester Erasmus Mundus scholarship at the University of Alicante, Spain. While the Moldovan justice requires large reforms, Elena Ceban-Homenco urges law students to work hard and implement international projects for mobility in education.

"It's good to get to law school in any EU country where you have access to higher education institutions, especially in the study of jurisprudence. EU legal systems are more advanced and we must know from the inside in order to make the changes necessary to succeed at home ", Elena Ceban-Homenco said.

At ULIM the student benefited from courses and seminars held by teachers from Belgium and Italy. "When you apply for an Erasmus scholarship, apart from the academic situation, you must proof your participation in extracurricular activities. The experience of communicating with teachers helped me out. ULIM has provided me the prospective to an overseas academic environment.

“Therefore, I recommend that young people who are still thinking and do not know where to apply, come to this university. The fact that ULIM has signed cooperation agreements with universities from Europe and Asia, offers great opportunities for affirmation to students” our graduate mentions.

Marketing and Communication Service, ULIM

Translation by: Andrei BOLFOSU, lecturer