ULIM’s experience in three words

A unique Flash Mob in which students have described their experience at ULIM in three words was organized on 4 April 2014. The participants received white and blue ribbons, the symbol - colors of ULIM, on which both foreign students and native ones have written beautiful words, but without exceeding, the limit of 3 words.

"J'aime beacoup ULIM", "the future of open doors", "Smiles and good people", a young man from Israel wrote, "my heart is ULIM".

The messages were written in Chinese, Korean, French, English, Turkish, Azerbaijani, Ukrainian and others languages.

The aim of this Flash Mob was to make known the ULIM slogan for how many people as possible: "We do not learn for the school, but for life". 

Also, through this event, the ULIM’s students wanted to motivate prospective students who have a dilemma of what University should they choose after graduation, to take advantage of the opportunity to live a unique academic experience in a dynamic and diverse educational background, which the Free International University of Moldova provides. 

Valentina Ciumacenco, Director of the Center for International Cooperation, welcomed this action, pointing out that: "Not the walls make a school, but the spirit that reigns in it". 

The atmosphere was charged by the dances on the beats of the famous song that conquered the entire world "Happy" performed by Pharell Williams. During the event students, meet their international colleagues, because at ULIM are studding students from over 30 countries of the world, like Israel, Turkey, Nigeria, China, South Korea and so on. Especially those international students were the happiest to manifest their respect and admiration for ULIM.

The event was organized on the initiative of students in collaboration with the Center for International Cooperation.  

See here the video from Flashmob.