ULIM’s professor, a trainer in solving conflicts with international certification

A new workshop took place for a week at Kiev within the international project of training and extending the mediators network Mediation with Groups and Building Mediation Bureaus East-West Dialogue-2017, organized by Hamburg University and coordinated by professor, Dr. Alexander Redlich, with the financial support of German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). Mrs. Svetlana Haraz, the head of the Department of Social Assistance and Sociology Nicolae Sali, was part of the international group of specialists from the Republic of Moldova (including the region of Transnistria), Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan and Ukraine, trained by European experts.

We want to mention the fact that Mrs. Svetlana Haraz obtained a warrant for four years as member of Mediation Council, a body created with the Ministry of Justice, aimed at organizing and coordinating the activity of mediators (http://www.justice.gov.md/libview.php?l=ro&idc=600&id=3264). 

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