Universities of Italy for our students

The march of ULIM’s best students continues. Yulia Bradu, a third-year student of ULIM, studied the entire second year at the University of Salento from Lecce, Italy. Returning home, she appreciated the most flexible academic system of the Italians, where the focus is on individual study. She benefited from EU research practices in the field of judicial training with teachers from European universities. "Our fellows integrate well in the countries of the Union and become competitive in international context," Yulia says.

The student managed to get an "Erasmus Mundus" scholarship for a semester in Italian academic environment and because of her achievements, she accumulated a sufficient training level to be rewarded by that university by extending the study period. "Out of educational offerings proposed within the" ERASMUS "(http://emp-aim.mruni.eu/partner_universities/), we opted for an institution in Italy, because the European legal system blends perfectly with the Italians’ opening and receptivity towards fine arts to strangers," Yulia Bradu says.

An "Erasmus" scholarship is a valuable experience about the quality of education, professional and personal development,. "This experience has shown me that I am welcome in every corner of Europe regardless of the circumstances! “Veni, vidi, vici” Yulia Bradu concluded.


Marketing and Communication Service, ULIM

Translation by: Andrei BOLFOSU, lecturer