University partners of Kharkov appreciate the internationalization model of ULIM

Mr. Ghenadie Rabacov, head of the Department of Roman Philology "Petru Rosca", held a public lesson for Francophone professors and students from the National University of Economics "Simon Kuznets" of Kharkov (UNEKh), Ukraine with the title – ULIM contribution to the development of regional francophone. He referred to our institution's achievements in education, internationalization, and university francophone process.

On this occasion, was initiated a cooperation between institutions on student’s dimension, based on the regional project of the Office of Central and Eastern Europe within the Francophone University Agency and the Center for Academic Success. Francophone partners in Kharkov remained impressed by the model of internationalization of the ULIM. They express the desire to unwind, in partnership, a number of joint events.