The specialization International Economic relations brings high profits and the assurance of a place of work

The graduates of ULIM in economic sciences, specialized in international economic relations, are the first most solicited on the labor market from the Republic of Moldova, having high chances to continue their studies in developed countries and to develop a career in prestigious organizations. Acquiring excellent communications skills in at least two international languages, of professional skills to work in the business environment from the country and from abroad for the implication in a wide number of activities of domestic business and foreign trade business – represent the essential objectives.
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The future accountants, trained at ULIM according to the European directives

The third National Congress of Accountants from the Republic of Moldova from the beginning of the week, with the theme Consolidation of profession of accountant in the process of European Integration, regrouped almost a thousand of participants, among them central authorities, representatives of international financial institutions, from business, future specialist of this field. Students of ULIM, specialized in accounting, participated also. The implementation of new standards in the field, the European directives and the status of accountant in the European space – were the central issues discussed at congress.
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A young professor of Chinese attracts his students by the enchantment of violin

The young professor of Chinese An Yujia from CONFUCIUS Institute of ULIM, being at the end of his activity in the Republic of Moldova, became a very known person among the young people passionate of Chinese language and culture. He is also a talented educator, who speaks English and Russian. An Yujia, called by his friends An Yoga, transformed the Chinese lessons into symphonies for violin. The professor of Confucius Institute of ULIM is a big admirer of good music, being a beginner violinist, who approaches his students by the enchantments of his bows.
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The young African artists highly appreciated at ULIM

A rare concert dedicated to the Day of Africa was organized at ULIM by the students from Congo and African community of Moldova. The event started by a prayer made by a priest for peace in our country and in the entire world. The admirers of culture from capital admired and art exposition, they tasted traditional meals and followed with interest the speeches about the history of unity of African countries.
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The American students from Texas State University

ULIM’s students and students form Texas State University, the 3rd big higher education institution from Texas State, met in NATO Aula in order to discuss the educational systems of our countries, partnerships and to befriend. They retold about the great benefits of the American education for the future professionals in all fields.
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Sport Masters from China retold about martial arts at ULIM

Today, a numerous delegation of professors and sport masters of China, invited to participate at an event dedicated to Chinese martial arts, organized by Confucius Institute in collaboration with Wushu Federation from Moldova. The students and the pupils that learn Chinese and those passionate of Chinese civilization, listened to a public lesson about wushu, given by the master Fengnian Meng. The manifestation benefited of the presence of the representatives of People’s Republic of China Embassy at Chisinau and the directors of education institution from Beijing.
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Confucius Institute contributes to the approach of our nations

he professors doctors, Liu Zaicong and Yong Yonggang from North-West Pedagogical University of Lanzhou, China, came to ULIM in order to teach to the students of CONFUCIUS Institute. The didactic staff met the rector Andrei Galben, later they met the students at a conference celebrating the famous Beijing Opera and the Silk Road, two highly relevant subjects not only for those passionate of Chinese language and culture.
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CONFUCIUS Institute of ULIM – a bridge of global cooperation

Messrs Wang Yifeng and Radu Plamadeala, the directors of CONFUCIUS Institute returned from the Conference of CONFUCIUS Institutes from Europe, organized in Copenhagen, Denmark. Together with representatives of 33 Chinese institutes from 14 countries, they made an exchange of good practices and discussed the development prospects of this global network, managed by Hanban (central headquarters from Beijing of CONFUCIUS Institutes). The continuous improvement of teaching Chinese language and training didactic staff at modern standards were the quintessence of the common reunion of CONFUCIUS Institutes from Europe.
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ULIM’s professor, a trainer in solving conflicts with international certification

A new workshop took place for a week at Kiev within the international project of training and extending the mediators network Mediation with Groups and Building Mediation Bureaus East-West Dialogue-2017, organized by Hamburg University and coordinated by professor, Dr. Alexander Redlich, with the financial support of German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). Mrs. Svetlana Haraz, the head of the Department of Social Assistance and Sociology Nicolae Sali, was part of the international group of specialists from the Republic of Moldova (including the region of Transnistria), Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan and Ukraine, trained by European experts.
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ULIM and Dunarea de Jos University, partners in a scientific project of international resonance

The faculty of Letters of Dunarea de Jos University, in collaboration with the Institute of Philological and Intercultural Researches from Faculty of Letters of ULIM, organized for two days the Xth edition of the International Conference Common Vocabulary/Specialized Vocabulary.
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