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AUF is a university association present all over the world, with more than 434 agencies distributed in 67 countries attached to 9 regional offices. From 1989, this association of universities is an operator of institutional francophony. Partner of higher education and research institutions, AUF proposes multiple programs of cooperation concerning the support of research and of French education.

The University of Bucharest is a traditional partner of AUF by promoting and supporting education in French language. Annually there are more than 200 scholarships available to students through AUF mobility programs. AUF disposes of a annual budget more than 40 million euro, funds which come from governments, specially French and Canadian ones, and from university institutions like for example French Community from Belgium, France, Switzerland and Cameroun, but also southern states which support local universities and put at the disposal of AUF personnel and local support. The AUF, whose center is at the University of Montreal, contributes at the consolidation of a unitary space which favors a scientific cooperation, and forms future actors of development, supports research and excellence, and shares expertise.

ULIM, through this strategic partnership, proved a continuous preoccupation in quality education and research improvement and adaptation to a highly competitive environment which dominates Europe. Integrated to this vision, the constant support granted to AUF, the French Embassy and French Cultural Service have contributed to the development of excellence poles in the Free International University of Moldova. For further details, visit AUF website: