The Faculty of Letters maintains the leadership in university scientific research

Within the 9th edition of Salon Scientia, organized by the Information and Library Science Department in collaboration with departmental structures of ULIM, the Faculty of Letters was nominated as leader in university scientific research, position it maintains for several years consecutively.
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High school pupils get legal knowledge at ULIM

In the context of promoting the legal education amongst the young people and in order to support the legal employment on the labor market, the students of 4th year of the Faculty of Law of ULIM organize during May the project Decent place of work for young people within the program Mobilizing the civil society for supporting the legal integrity in the Republic of Moldova, promoted by the State Department of USA and implemented by Freedom House in partnership with AGER Association.
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American training for students of Faculty of Law

The Canadian advocate Gregory Wite from “Leavitt” Institute for International Development, trained, as during the last year, during a month, the students jurists from ULIM. The fifth year consecutively, the Faculty of Law, in cooperation with USA Embassy and with “Leavitt” Institute for International Development organized lessons in English language with simultaneous translation in Romanian in the field of advocacy and criminal process, with the implication of foreign professors, who work as judges, advocates and prosecutors in USA and Canada.
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The first vice-rector Ana Gutu participates in the election of new president of University Agency of Francophonie in Morocco

During the week, the Congress Palace of Mogador Agdal from Marrakech, Morocco organized the 17th General Assembly of University Agency of Francophonie (AUF), at which university professor, Dr. Ana Gutu, the first vice-rector of ULIM participates. The meeting is organized under the high patronage of His Majesty, the king Mohammed VI and regroups participants from over 800 universities members of AUF from the entire world.
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“Leavitt” Institute and USA Embassy continues the investment in training the future jurists

A group of prosecutors, judges and lawyers from USA and Canada chose the best students jurists from the Republic of Moldova, who will make professional internships at institutions of Western Law. The big final of the fifth editions of the interuniversity competition ended at ULIM, this competition is organized annually by “Leavitt” Institute for International Development. ULIM winners are Nina Sili, a 4th year student and Rodica Ciofu, a master student at Faculty of Law. Mr. David Leavitt, the director of American institute, participated in this event, where he greeted and thanked the participants.
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Anna Boboc, one of the most integrated graduates of ULIM on the European labor market

Anna Boboc, the graduate of the Faculty of History and International Relations, the promotion of 2008, works at the Company FactSet France from Paris. From 2005 till 2013, she made her licentiate studies a two faculties and two master degrees at Nice, Faculty of Letters, Arts and Humanities from University Sophia Antipolis and at Université Libre de Bruxelles, at the Faculty of Letters, Translations and Communication and at Université Paris VIII, at the Faculty of Arts, Philosophy and Esthetics. Her thesis of more than one hundred pages was elaborated in French, being appreciated with 16 from 20 points, a very good mark, according to the scoring scale.
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being appreciated with 16 from 20 points, a very good mark, according to the scoring scale. 10.05.2017 Iulia Bradu, one of the most successful young jurists of the Republic of Moldova, prizewinning students at national and international competitions

Iulia Bradu, 4th year student of Faculty of Law, is one of the most successful young jurists from the Republic of Moldova, prizewinning students at national and international competitions. Under the aegis of Rectors’ Council, became recently a winner of the Competition Merit Scholarships-2016, together with the best students.
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Double book launching at University of Craiova

The Faculty of Letters of University of Craiova organized recently a double editorial event, its protagonists being two authors in the field of traductology, university professor, Mrs. Ana Gutu, the first vice-rector of ULIM and the educator Ghenadie Rabacov, the head of Roman Philology Department Petru Rosca.
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Scientia Salon opens its doors with the most valuable scientific heritage of ULIM, in European and Asian languages

Today, the 9th edition of Scientia Salon, organized by the Information and Library Science Department (DIB) in collaboration with ULIM’s faculties, opened its doors. Till June 15th, the Polyvalent Reading Room no. 2 exposes the most valuable scientific publications, published under the aegis of ULIM during 2015-2017, data bases, books launchings, public lectures, professional workshops for the researchers and the editors of magazines. The exposed documentary heritage is in European and Asian languages with open access for students, didactic staff and researchers. All the persons interested in the scientific documentary heritage of ULIM are invited.
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The collaboration between ULIM and the University of Debrecen gets stronger

As part of the Erasmus credit mobility agreement between the University of Debrecen, Hungary and ULIM, Chisinau, Moldova, Professor Péter Szaffkó paid a visit to our university between 28 April and 7 May 2017. An expert on British and American Studies as well as Director of Debrecen Summer School, offering Hungarian language and culture to foreigners, Dr Szaffkó talked on several different topics to our students and staff. He presented a lecture on the the story of English as a global language and gave a number of examples of how English had become the true international language of communication all over the world.
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