Social psychology of 21st century, approached by known researchers from Ukraine, Russia, Romania and Republic of Moldova at ULIM

There is organized at ULIM the International Scientific Colloquy Social Psychology of the 21st century: challenges, trends and prospects by the Faculty of Psychology, Sciences of Education and Social Assistance, together with institutions and organizations partners.
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Professor Ion GUTU, a leader of social, intellectual and moral leader

It became a tradition for the Faculty of Letters to congratulate its colleagues with the occasion of beautiful events from their lives. This time, we pay our compliments to a distinguished and exceptional Colleague, a Researcher of European range, a true Romanian and Francophone.
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A delegation of ULIM visiting at Regional Direction of Central and Eastern Europe of AUF

Mr. Ghenadie Rabacov, the head of Roman Philology Department “Petru Rosca” and the responsible of Center of University Success (CRU), joined by a group of students of the Faculty of Letters, made a visit at the Regional Direction of Central and Eastern Europe of University Agency of Francophony (AUF). During this visit, the students got acquainted with the missions and the activities organized by DRECO, its structure, the regional operators and the resources they make available for the young francophone people.
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Francophone students from Faculty of Letters participated at a scientific symposium at University of Craiova

A delegation of francophone students from ULIM, leaded by Mr. Ghenadie Rabacov, the head of Roman Philology Department “Petru Rosca” and the responsible of Center for University Success(CRU) participated at a series of events, organized in partnership with the Faculty of Letters of University of Craiova and financed by University Agency of Francophony. The first edition of Students’ Symposium Beyond Language, which regrouped more than 60 young people from higher education institutions from Bucharest, Brasov, Cluj, Suceava and Chisinau, opened the series of scientific manifestations.
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A professor of the University of British Columbia supported a training at ULIM

Dr. Ray Taheri, a professor of the University of British Columbia, Canada, had a training Advancement in the area of teaching and learning for teaching staff concerning the evolution of new pedagogical methods of teaching, learning, evaluation.
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The transparency in EU academic offers in the Republic of Moldova, monitored by the European Commission

The European Commission, through the National Office Erasmus +, performs an assessing of International Credit Mobility Action projects (ICM), which part is ULIM. The Executive Agency for Education, Audiovisual and Culture with the headquarters in Brussels applies the global monitoring policy in the university institutions involved. On this occasion, Mrs. Claudia Melinte, the Coordinator of the National Office Erasmus + and Mrs. Cristina Gherman, the administrator of the same structure, have conducted a monitoring visit to the projects Erasmus + ICM at ULIM.
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ULIM professors, trained by German experts for an international network of mediators in the resolution of conflicts

Mrs. Svetlana Haraz, Head of the Department of Social Work and Sociology Nicolae Sali, recently, benefited from training under an international training project and expansion of the network of mediators Mediation with Groups and Building Mediation Bureaus East-West Dialogue-201, which took place of Hamburg University and coordinated by Professor Dr. Alexander Redlich, with the financial support of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).
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Promoting the university excellence amongst high school graduates

The high school pupils from the capital came at ULIM at the Open Doors Day in order to benefit of the Dr. Gholamali Mohammadifard consultation, the director of Center for Psychological Counseling and Career Orientation from our institution. He informed the pupils about the new department from ULIM that provides services for studies and orientation for the future career. ULIM takes care not only of students, but also of high school pupils. The Center of Psychological Counseling and Career Orientation provides free services for decided and undecided young people regarding their professional future.
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Culture of Chinese medicine, promoted by Institute CONFUCIUS

During the day, the Center of Chinese Medicine of Chisinau in collaboration with Institute CONFUCIUS ULIM organized an event for the students and the interested persons, meant to popularize Chinese traditional culture and the philosophy of traditional medicine of China. Physicians from China retold about treatments provided to the patients from the Republic of Moldova and offered freely more procedures to those desirous – acupuncture, manual therapy tiuna, cups, pulse diagnosis and Chinese herbology.
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Once the baccalaureate approaches, the high school pupils, desirous to become jurists, are invited by the Faculty of Law of ULIM

The high school pupils, who decided to make their studies at the Faculty of Law came at ULIM, at the Open Day. They had the unique chance a process simulated by the best students, known to the public of Realitatea TV, by the frequent participation at the broadcast “Tu si Legea”.
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