Modernizing the educational process at ULIM is due also to the professors of the Faculty of Biomedicine and Ecology

Workshop with international participation

here is deployed currently the workshop with international participation with the theme Stopping the anti-microbial resistance, organized by the Faculty of Biomedicine and Ecology and dedicated to the ULIM’s realizations during its 25 years since foundation. Dr. hab., university professor Grigore Junghietu, the head of the Department of Technology and analysis of cosmetic and medicinal products, congratulated all the educators of ULIM on the occasion of successful quart of century in the activity, at the first private university from the Republic of Moldova.
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The series of events, dedicated to the 25th anniversary since ULIM was founded Scientific Conference of Psychologists of European Countries

The 4th International Scientific Conference Multidimensional Conceptualization and Intelligence Appreciation, organized by the Faculty of Psychology, Sciences of Education and Social Assistance in the context of th anniversary since ULIM was founded, is developed. During October th and October th, academic personalities from prestigious universities of Italy, Hungary, Romania and Russia, discuss issued related to the last researches on the intelligence through theoretical and applicative approaches.
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Anniversary scientific conferences with academics from EU, USA and Asia

ULIM – 25 years: Sapientia et Virtus

On October 16th, ULIM celebrates the 25th anniversary since its foundation. On this occasion, there will be present academic personalities from Armenia, Belorussia, Chine, France, Israel, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Spain, Turkey, USA, Ukraine, Hungary and the Republic of Moldova, invited to participate in a series of scientific conferences within faculties with the main theme – Universitas Europae: toward a society of knowledge through globalization and Europeanization. The faculties will organize profile manifestations during the period of October 13th – 20th. (Here's the detailed schedule (View in Google))
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The first congress of social workers in the Republic of Moldova

The First Congress of National Association of Social Experts and Workers of Moldova takes place now at ULIM, in the Media Library. Its subject is Society’s Welfare is the goal of our profession. The Department of Social Assistance and Sociology Nicolae Sali of the Faculty of Psychology, Sciences of Education and Social Assistance and Project Casa Mare are the co-organizers of the event, ULIM being the main actor that proposed to itself the promotion of the social assistance as indispensable service in a democratic society. Members of parliament, specialists from the country and from abroad and graduates of York College, City University of New York participate at this event.
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New cooperation initiatives between ULIM and Pecs University of Hungary

Today, the first academic personalities from abroad, invited at the events dedicated to the 25th anniversary since ULIM’s foundation, started to arrive. The first guest is Mrs. Agnes Balint, Dr. hab., university professor from Pecs University, the oldest institution of higher education from Hungary, which dates since 1367 and enjoys of prestige in European Union. She met Mr. Vladimir Chirinciuc, vice-rector for international relations, Mrs. Svetlana Rusnac, dean of Faculty of Psychology, Sciences of Education and Social Assistance, Mrs. Valentina Ciumacenco, the head of International Cooperation Center and Mrs. Nelly Balode, lecturer.
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An extraordinary spectacle of students from China in folk and modern rhythms

Chinese Traditional Festival Mijlocul Toamnei (Middle of Fall), organized by Institute CONFUCIUS ULIM, continued at National Philharmonic Serghei Lunchevici from the capital with an extraordinary musical spectacle Culorile Culturii Chineze(Colors of Chinese Culture), hold by the troupe of students from Eastern Pedagogical University of China.
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Promoting ULIM in South Korea, an important academic project

Students from South Korea are in academic mobility for a semester at ULIM – Jisu Kim and Yeseo Yoon from Gimencheon University as scholars at Faculty of Psychology, Sciences of Education and Social Assistance and Seo Hui Ji of Hannam University at Faculty of Economic Sciences. The young girls study at ULIM on the basis of partnership agreements with the well-known Korean universities.
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Natalia Bantus – Gurduza, ULIM’s Graduate and Ex-Scholar of German Bundestag, Values Her Experience in Republic of Moldova

Natalia Bantus-Gurduza is one of the most highly appreciated graduates of ULIM, Law Faculty, promotion 2006. Currently, she is an officer of the Parliament’s Secretary Office of the Republic of Moldova and the main counselor in the Commission for culture, education, research, youth, sport and mass-media. After graduation, she made her Master and Doctor studies in the country and abroad.
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An exceptional lecture for the future translators, sustained by Emilian Galaicu-Paun

The students of the Faculty of Letters, future translators, benefited today of an exceptional lecture, a true master-class, sustained by Mr. Emilian galaicu-Paun, one of the most appreciated writers, editors and Romanian translators at the invitation of the Roman Philology Department “Petru Rosca”.
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