A responsible person of recruiting staff for WTO held a lecture at ULIM

The students, speakers of French and English languages, specialized in international economic relations, international trade, international law, economy and management benefited of a lecture hold by Mrs. Hye Seung Lee, the head of the Recruitment Service of WTO Human Resources Department. She had an interactive dialogue regarding the recruitment and hiring mechanisms of young people in the world trade system.
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Professors of China help young people of the Republic of Moldova to have successful careers

The Traditional Chinese Festival Mijlocul Toamnei was organized at ULIM, an event expected by the professors and the students of Institute CONFUCIUS. Those who have a passion for the culture and the civilization of the Great Wall may benefit at ULIM of modern lessons of Chinese and unique cultural experiences in the Republic of Moldova. The students of the Institute were invited at a lesson of Chinese national kitchen, where they were helped with cookies and especially with sponge cake (yueh ping), which is cooked at night, in the moon light.
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Appel à manifestation d’intérêt

Lansarea apelului de aplicare la programul OIF Initiative Francophone d'Etablissement pentru perioada 2019-2022, lansat recent de catre organizatia internationala a Francofoniei. Initiativa are drept scop identificarea scolilor nationale de administratie publica, a instituliilor de invatamant superior interesate in consolidarea ofertei de formare in limba franceza a viitorilor functionari publici specializali in domeniul relaliilor internalionale.
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Care for the new users: 2017 – a program that provides free courses and useful information for ULIM’s students

The Information and Library Science Department is ready to support the students, Master and Doctorate attendants or any new person by a wide program of activities, oriented toward the education of information culture, the creation of skills to use all the information capacities provided to the modern students in order to achieve quality studies. The slogan of the edition of this year is: “Open the book to learn what others thought, close it so you can think yourself! ”. (T. Heyde)
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Rector of ULIM, Academician Andrei Galben celebrates his anniversary at the beginning of September. The administration and the professors of Faculty of Letters address their sincere and warm congratulations, expressing their admiration toward this emblematic personality in the university management, who managed in a record time and without any support from the state to build a true international university. Due to his tireless activity and his “army” of professionals of ULIM, our institution became, within these 25 years of existence, a true Temple of free thinking and an impressive model of higher education from the European space.
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Today, the 1st of September, the Free International University of Moldova inaugurates its first academic years 2017-2018 at the National Palace “Nicolae Sulac”. The Rector of ULIM, Academician Andrei Galben mentioned in his speech the importance of this beginning for the 1st year students in the context of big transformations of modern societies: Europeanization and Globalization. Andrei Galben wished good luck to the students and professors in the new academic year.
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The last sitting of ULIM’s Senate of the current academic year

ULIM’s Senate gathered for the last time this year. The analyze of sociological study based on the opinion survey of the students on the quality of university processes, the proposal of policies on the international students of ULIM and the approval of the schedule for the university year 2017-2018 – there are the important issued that were analyzed.
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A new doctor thesis at ULIM provides practical mechanisms for justice’s reform

The recent public defense of doctor thesis by Mr. Mihai Sorbala, entitled Criminal liability for illegal detention or arrest of the person was a remarkable event in the context of justice reformation and the alignment of the legislation of the Republic of Moldova to EU standards. It is one of less serious scientific researches in the field of criminal liability for committing the illegal detention or arrest. Mr. Mihail Sorbala made the Licentiate, Master and Doctorate higher Education at ULIM, becoming one of the most representative jurists of the Republic of Moldova. He had as scientific adviser Mr. Alexei Barbaneagra, Doctor of Applied Science, university professor.
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ULIM concluded a memorandum of understanding with a prestigious university of Ukraine

Mr. Han Ho Jin, the director of Korean language and culture “Se Jong”, delegated by Mr. Andrei Galben, rector of ULIM, went to South Ukrainian Pedagogical University “K.D. Usinskii” from Odessa in order to conclude a Memorandum of Understanding between the two university institutions regarding the scientific cooperation, cultural exchanges and academic mobility for students and didactic staff. The university partner is one of the most important higher education institutions from Ukraine in training didactic staff.
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Ion Manoli, the distinguished professor who revolutionized the philological education in the Republic of Moldova

The well-known Professor Ion Manoli, PhD of Philology, one of our important scientists in the context of the Romanian space and the francophone, with an academic career of more than half a century, enjoying today the anniversary of fulfilments. On this occasion, the students and teaching staff of ULIM say the traditional-Happy birthday! Mr. Ion Manoli is an educator of the Word, Truth, moral integrity, who never betrays the vocation.
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