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Project – Black Sea-unity and diversity in Roman antiquity

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Starting from June 2013 ULIM is a partner in the Project Black Sea – unity and diversity in Roman antiquity, a project that will least for 24-month, coordinated by the Tulcea County Council, as the applicant and the beneficiary. The project is co-financed through The European Neighborhood and Partnership through the operational program “Black Sea Basin 2007-2013”.

The main partners of the project are: the Free International University of Moldova, the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki (Greece), Regional History Museum in Varna (Bulgaria), the Institute of Archaeology of the Crimea in Simferopol (Ukraine), Archaeological Museum in Batumi (Georgia) and Special Provincial Administration of Sinop (Turkey); associated partners-institutions from Romania, Ukraine, Greece, Italy, France and England.

Project objectives:

  • Creation of a network of scientific and cultural institutions with the administrative function that promote long-term exchange of scientific and cultural values in the Black Sea Basin.
  • Promoting – integrated and cohesive- cultural heritage-mobile and immobile- of the Roman period from the regions of the Black Sea Basin.
  • Awareness and empowerment of local communities and the authorities on the necessity of protecting, conserving of cultural patrimony – the legacy of Roman antiquity.

Projects goal:

  • the collaboration of all institutions involved in the research, protection, management of cultural heritage (archaeological) from countries that circumscribes the Black Sea basin: research institutes, museums, universities, representatives of local administrative authorities.
  • Organization of scientific workshops in all partner institutions, including one at the ULIM on the theme “The History of Pontus Euxin in Roman times”, with participation of experts from the Republic of Moldova and partner States in the project during the period 20- 22 May , 2014;
  • The launch of an itinerant exhibition on “Art and Roman civilization-a common language of antiquity” in order to promote historical values (received from the Roman era) in the Black Sea basin. The exhibition will be launched at ULIM on May 20, 2014, at 15.00.

Vezi mai multe detalii, accesând website-ul proiectului: