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Ranking Web of Universities (Webometrics) has published the list of universities from around the world, January 2024 edition. In this list, 11,991 universities from around the world are analyzed, including 25 institutions from the Republic of Moldova.

According to the Ranking Web of Universities data, the International Free University of Moldova (ULIM) remains in 6th place in the ranking of higher education institutions in the country and 8062 in the world.

The indicators taken into account by the Web of Universities rating (Webometrics):
# 50 % – visibility – the total number of external links that the university’s web domain receives from third parties;
# 10% – transparency – total number of citations (see more details here);
# 40% – excellence – the quality of scientific articles published in high-impact international journals, in the top 10% most cited in a given field.

Webometrics is a top created by Cybermetrics Lab, a research group within the Superior Council for Scientific Research in Spain, since 2004. The ranking within this top is based on publicly accessible web data, and the results are made public in January and July every year.

The entire ranking of universities in the Republic of Moldova accessible at this link:…/Moldova%2C%20Republic%20of