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On November 19, 2012, 11:00, at ULIM was inaugurated a new Aula, and namely of the Republic of Belarus. This kind of events, are already a tradition at ULIM, but this ceremony is a special one, because for the first time, ULIM signed a Memorandum of Understanding with a former soviet country.

The inauguration ceremony was officiated by the Ambassador of Belarus to the Republic of Moldova, Veaceslav OSIPENKO, ULIM’s Rector, Mr. Andrei GALBEN, and was moderated by the Vice-rector for International Cooperation, Mr. Nicolae ŢÂU. At the event, participated with, a congratulatory message, the Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs and European Integration of Moldova, Mr. Andrei POPOV. The event was organized by the Embassy of Belarus in collaboration with the Centre for International Cooperation, ULIM.

After the traditional Ribbon Cutting Ceremony, the first person who held a speech was the Ambassador of Belarus, Mr. Veaceslav OSIPENKO. His Excellency expressed thanks to all those citizens from the Republic of Moldova, who contributed to the development of bilateral relations between Moldova and Belarus. Mr. Veaceslav OSIPENKO remarked that during all this time, the relations between this two countries, developed enormously in all domains. At the same time, the Ambassador spoke about the further collaboration between this two countries, confessing that Aula Belarus from ULIM, is an important step for vivification of the bilateral relations, now that this Aula will be the place where citizens from Belarus and also ULIM’s students will be able to organize jointly different events, traditional celebrations, meetings or debate clubs, fact that determines thoroughness of the relations between citizens of those two countries.

Aula Belarus is situated on the 4th floor, room 402, IV block. The event was attended by roughly 80 people, both students and teachers from ULIM, and Members of Belarus Community in Moldova.

Until now, at ULIM were inaugurated 32 Recitation rooms of different countries all over the world.