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Confucius Institute from the Free International University of Moldova (ULIM) is your perfect way to study the Chinese language and learn the culture and traditions of China.

Founded with the support of the Embassy of China in Chișinău and the organization HanBan in partnership with ULIM and the Northwest Normal University, Lanzhou, China, Confucius Institute is a novelty for our country, it’s objective is the promotion of educational, economic and cultural relations between Moldova and People’s Republic of China.

The agreement on opening the Confucius Institute was signed in March 2009, as a result of fruitful partnership relations established between the Free International University of Moldova and the Northwest Normal University, Lanzhou, China.

On 29September, 2009 the Institute was inaugurated with Free International University of Moldova.  Thanks to the launch of this project, the Republic of Moldova become a member of the international network “Confucius”, along with such countries as France, Spain, Germany, Austria, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Hungary, etc..

Today, the Confucius Institute is equipped with two modern laboratories, a modern office, teaching materials, all sponsored by Hanban Confucius Institute Headquarters and “Northwest Normal University”, Lanzhou, China. the didactic staff are Chinese teachers  with rich teaching experience: Xiang Jilin Reuben, Ma Linjuan, Zhao Huangai, etc.

Mrs. Ma Linjuan, Director of the Confucius Institute

Address: Chișinău, str. Vlaicu-Pârcălab 52, IV floor, 400 office

Telephone: +373 (22) 22-15-24  


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