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(3 years: December 2013-November 2016)-project financed by EU TEMPUS program. ULIM is one of the partners of the Consortium together with institutions from Moldova, Georgia, Ukraine, the United Kingdom and Belgium. The project’s coordinator is Maastricht University, Netherlands.


  • To promote the convergence of European Studies core curricula between EU and the neighboring countries and to provide teacher training in innovative teaching methods such as e-learning/ blended learning, problem-based learning and the use of simulations.
  • Promote innovative learning and development of practical skills at European Masters courses taught at universities from EU and Eastern partner countries;
  • Disseminate the benefits of innovative teaching and learning of European Studies courses at local, national and international level;
  • Training organization focused on innovative methods of teaching European Studies;
  • Strengthen the competitiveness, employment and flexibility in accordance with the requirements of labor market.


  • Creating Centers for European studies;
  • Development of analytical programs for six individual courses for master programs referring to European Studies;
  • Diversification of innovative methods in teaching European studies.

Vezi mai multe detalii, accesând website-ul proiectului: