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On January 27, 2010 took place the inauguration of Lithuania Room at ULIM, chaired by the honor guest, Mr. Andrius Kubilius, prime-minister of the Republic of Lithuania and His Excellency, Ambassador of the Republic of Lithuania at Chisinau, Violeta Motulaite. The event was organized in cooperation with the Embassy of Lithuania at Chisinau, which will manage a room in ULIM. The Lithuania Room, from now called, will represent a spiritual corner, culture and customs of the Lithuanian people. The Embassy will be able to use this space unconditionally for the development of its events. The Lithuania Room is on the 3rd floor, the 4th block of study, on the same hall, where the national rooms of Sweden and Hungary will be inaugurated. All these rooms are available by the university with free title for diplomatic institutions.Andrei Galben, rector of ULIM, affirmed at the opening of the ceremony, that the inauguration of this room takes part from a series of manifestations initiated by the Senate of ULIM to promote the image of ULIM and the Republic of Moldova abroad in international relation line in the academic and university aspect. In the next two years all the countries which the Republic of Moldova has diplomatic relations will have such a room. In total the number is expected to be 128.

Rector added that even though these rooms become a property of the embassies and other institutions, they will not be taken out from the academic circuit, but will be used further in the process of study. In this way, the studying youth will know better the culture, the customs and the way of living of a country. Thanks to this fact, ULIM tends to become not only through form but also through content an institution indeed international, Andrei Galben declared.

The inauguration ceremony of the Lithuania Room went on with a lecture held by E.S Andrius Kubilius in front of the students and teachers of ULIM on the theme „20 years of regained independence”. In his speech, His Excellency referred to the experience of Lithuania as a member state of the European Union, emphasizing that: „Moldova was, is and will be an European country. I’m sure that at a certain moment the Republic of Moldova will be a member country of the European Union. This is not only the aim of the government of the Republic of Moldova, but also the aim of our government.”