• A new US-American Fulbright student grantee has arrived at ULIM

      A new US-American Fulbright student grantee has arrived at ULIM for conducting his research on Moldovan foreign policy.
      • ULIM confirms its leading position in higher education of the Republic of Moldova

        For the fourth consecutive time, the Free International University of Moldova was included in the international ranking of higher education institutions – U-Multirank-2018, 5th edition.
        • Successful children and youth education, approached by a South Korean figure from the US

          Korean Language and Culture Center "Se Jong", in partnership with the Faculty of Social Sciences and Education, organized the seminar under the title "Education of Successful Children and Youth" at ULIM, dring a week, presened by Mrs. Esther Choi (Hwang Gyeong-ae), a South Korean personality from the US. She is one of the notorious book authors about her mother's role in education, being invited to large audiences in Korea and the US. Her honor, has made known to the audience about the experience of success, progress and failure of the Koreans.
          • An ULIM delegation has traditionally participated in the CONFUCIUS Global Conference

            Today, the 12th edition of the CONFUCIUS Institute's Global Conference, has opened its doors in Xi'an, Shanxi Province in China. ULIM is represented at the event by Mr. Wang Yifeng and Radu Plămădeală, the directors of the CONFUCIUS Institute from ULIM, as well as Mr. Vladimir Chirinciuc, Vice-Rector for International Relations. The theme of this year's conference is to strengthen the cooperation, develop through innovation and collaboration for building a prosperous future of the human community.
            • The first vice-rector Ana Gutu at the International Conference of Francophone Women

              At this hour, Mrs. Ana Gutu, the first vice-rector of ULIM, Knight of Legion of Honor of France, participates at Palace of Parliament in the plenary sitting of the International Conference of Francophone Women, organized at Bucharest under the High Patronage of the President of Romania. This year, the theme of the reunion is “Creation, innovation, entrepreneurship, economic growth and development: the women assert themselves!” and it reflects the actual commitment assumed by Romania as country-pennon of the Francophony in the region and the interest promoted constantly for assuring the gender equality. Mrs. Ana Gutu draws the attention of the event’s participants to her experience as manager-woman at ULIM and her political career within the workshop “Women’s leadership in economic governance”.
              • His Excellency Eliyahu Yerushalmi, the non-resident Ambassador of the State of Israel, visited ULIM

                His Excellency Eliyahu Yerushalmi, the non-resident Ambassador of the State of Israel to Moldova, accompanied by Ms. Sima Mindelis, the first secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the State of Israel, visited ULIM. During the morning, the senior guests had a meeting with Rector Andrei Galben. As a sign of appreciation for the activities of the Non-Resident Ambassador of the State of Israel, on behalf of the academic community, he gave the Ambassador of Jerusalem the ULIM Diploma of Excellence.
                • ULIM will sign a cooperation agreement with the IOM Mission in Moldova

                  Mr. Antonio Polosa, the Head of the Mission of Moldova to the International Organization for Migration (IOM), visited ULIM, where he had a meeting with Rector (Chairman) Andrei Galben. The discussions focused on the necessity to conclude a cooperation agreement between ULIM and IOM in order to carry out joint academic projects. Academician Andrei Galben showed his great interest in the complex management of the migration phenomenon of future specialists involved in this issue since the university's banks. Mr Antonio Polosa welcomed the ULIM initiative, expressing the certainty that the issues discussed can only be effectively addressed by attracting academics. After the meeting, the head of the IOM Mission in Moldova held a lecture on the same theme for students specializing in international relations and journalism within the Faculty of Social Sciences and Education.
                  • ULIM, the first university partner of the Republic of Moldova of the Embassy of Qatar State

                    Today, Mr. Mohamed Elseikh, counselor of the Embassy of Qatar State in the Republic of Moldova, met with Mr. Vladimir Chirinciuc, vice-rector for international relations and Mrs. Valentina Ciumacenco, the director of International cooperation Center at ULIM. The diplomatic guest came at ULIM with the initiative to inaugurate in the near future the Aula of Qatar State, where the unique Arabian embassy in the Republic of Moldova will organize public lessons and other events interesting for the academic environment. Mr. Mohamed Elsheikh attended the Licentiate and Master studies at the Faculty of Psychology, Sciences of Education and Social Assistance of ULIM and he is deeply affectionate to our institution, he appreciates especially.
                    • Four students of CONFUCIUS ULIM Institute represented the Republic of Moldova at the World Competition Podisorul Chinezesc

                      Jana Lungu, Alexandru Mogildea, Ana Cernis and Ecaterina Matrohina were the winners of the national semifinal of the skills competition in studying the Chinese language and culture, organized at ULIM with the right to participate in the final stage in China. The event Podisorul Chinezesc became a platform of students and pupils from the world in order to improve the Chinese language, presentation skills of sharing the experience of learning.
                      • A professor of Eastern Illinois University of USA holds a seminar of two days at ULIM

                        Today, Dr. Frances Murphy, Fulbright Scholar at ULIM, hold the first part of the seminar of two days Effects of reclusion on the family, aimed at, firstly, future psychologists and social workers. She has been working for 25 years at the School of Family and Consumer Sciences of Eastern Illinois University and she holds a two days seminar at ULIM. Dr. Frances Murphy presents the last comparative studies of more states related to the penitentiary systems, profile statistics, psychological effects of reclusions beyond the walls of prisons. We mention that USA professor is for the second time an academic mobility at ULIM.

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